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Brandi Alexis Runnels born June 23rd 1983 is an American journalist, model, professional wrestler, manager and ring announcer. She is best known for her time in WWE, under the ring name Eden, where she performed on Smackdown. She has also worked in Impact Wrestling alongside her husband Cody Rhodes between 2016-2017. Following her husband, she also worked in Ring of Honor between 2017-2018.

As of 2018, Runnels is signed to All Elite Wrestling, as both a talent and company Chief Brand Officer (CBO).


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Casino Battle Royale winner: Nyla Rose

Leva Bates, Faby Apache, Priscilla Kelly, Solandra Royale and Nyla Rose are in first. Rose took everyone out. Bates was almost eliminated but she didn’t touch the floor; she landed on two books. She went back in the ring and Rose hit her with a book and eliminated her. Diamonds are next: Penelope Ford, Shazza McKenzie, Sadie Gibbs, Big Swole, and Britt Baker are in next. McKenzie was eliminated quickly. Rose did a double chokeslam. Big Swole was way over and her and Rose had a quick, good exchange. Rose is dominating early on.

Next out: Tenille Dashwood, Bea Priestly, Brandi Rhodes and Awesome Kong. Baker jumped Priestly on the outside before this group made it to the ring, revenge from Fight for the Fallen, I imagine. Kong dominated as soon as her and Rhodes hit the ring. Later Rose and Rhodes had an exchange and Rhodes hit a big stunner on Rose which elicited boos. Allie, Nicole Savoy, Teal Piper, ODB and Jazz are out next. Big chants for ODB on her entrance. Savoy and Kong faced off, then Kong whipped her into the ropes but she flew through them and did a tope suicida onto some of the wrestlers outside. ODB has a flask. Piper poked ODB in the eyes and put her in the sleeper. Nyla Rose eliminates Savoy. Rose and Kong now face off. Big pop for their lock up until Jazz gets in on it, then ODB. Bigger ODB chants during this four-way face-off.

Baker eliminated Kong. Jazz was also eliminated, and moments later Brandi was out too. The joker entrant is Mercedes Martinez. She has red hair and new gear now, and sounded like she got her own music. Huge response from the Chicago crowd here, a real superstar reaction. She planted Rose with a backdrop suplex upon entry.

Sadie Gibbs did a press slam to Bea Priestly but she botched the slam part. Regardless of that, she was eliminated by Priestly thirty seconds later. The final four are Baker, Martinez, Rose and Priestly. Props to Excalibur for calling a gamengiri kick during one of Baker’s spots. Martinez was eliminated quickly and the final three way among the AEW-contracted talent bgean. Rose did a step-up dance-kick thing on the aprong and kicked Baker. Baker did a Canadian Destroyer on Priestly, and a few minutes later Baker eliminated Priestly. Rose snuck in just afterwards and dumped Baker to the floor. Nyla Rose is your winner. She’ll face either Riho or Hikaru Shida for the AEW Women’s title on Oct 22 in Washington, DC.

Cody (w/ Brandi Rhodes, Diamond Dallas Page, MJF & Pharoh) defeated Shawn Spears (w/ Tully Blanchard)

Spears sat in a folding chair at the top of his entrance, an allusion to him hitting Cody with the chair. Blanchard followed him out after. Spears had white contacts in and looked like Scorpion from Mortal Kombat. Cody and his crew were dressed in Star Trek-inspired tunics. Cody dove through the corner at Spears and Blanchard before the match. The fight spilled deep into the crowd before the bell had even rung, Hart vs. Austin Wrestlemania 13 style. Production got an amazing shot of Cody posing in the crowd while they chanted for him. Blanchard snuck over to Cody while MJF distracted Earl Hebner and landed a low blow, leading to an eruption of boos. Cody hit an ugly top rope frankensteiner on Spears. MJF kept trying to involve himself and yelled at Hebner to do his job properly. Hebner actually freaked out on Spears when he went to hit Cody with his own weight belt. He screamed at him and threatened to DQ him. Spears conceded but Blanchard slipped him his own belt his he whipped Cody with anyway. I guess that’s Hebner’s gimmick in AEW, tough as nails and dumb as bricks. Cody fired up and started no-selling the belt shots and the crowd really went into a frenzy. He landed a jump kick to Spears’ face.

At 20 minutes into the match both looked exhausted and rolled to the floor. Spears gave Cody a running Death Valley Driver onto the floor. Spears made it to the ring and Hebner started counting Cody out. Cody’s back looked bad, really tore up from one of the spots outside earlier. Cody was able to make it to the ring and somehow sneak a CrossRhodes in but Blanchard broke up the count. Blanchard and MJF then got into it in the ring and started choking each other until Spears took MJF out. Blanchard tarted stomping MJF on the floor until ‘Double A’ Arn Anderson stomped his way to the ring. The roof disappeared after this crowd exploded. Anderson had a look on his face that said “I don’t care for this foolishness, Tully Blanchard.” He got into the ring and squared up. Spinebuster. This place must have shook. Blanchard had no idea what to think and sold it like his plan was royally screwed after this.

Cody hit a “bowling-shoe ugly” draping DDT and then teased a chairshot. Spears begged off. Cody landed a Disaster Kick while Spears had the chair in his hands. He then planted Spears with a CrossRhodes to win the match. MJF celebrated with Cody in the ring though he teased turning on Cody as he’s done in Being the Elite recently. This was tremendous, and probably one of the best to happen in the States this year. The Arn Anderson angle had about as much heat as the KENTA/Shibata angle from a few weeks ago.

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 Date: September 1st 2019
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