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Brandi Alexis Runnels born June 23rd 1983 is an American journalist, model, professional wrestler, manager and ring announcer. She is best known for her time in WWE, under the ring name Eden, where she performed on Smackdown. She has also worked in Impact Wrestling alongside her husband Cody Rhodes between 2016-2017. Following her husband, she also worked in Ring of Honor between 2017-2018.

As of 2018, Runnels is signed to All Elite Wrestling, as both a talent and company Chief Brand Officer (CBO).


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Allie vs. Leva Bates, The Librarian

Leva avoided a lock up and sssshed Allie.  The crowd chanted “Books suck.”   Leva went to do it again but Allie grabbed her finger and worked it over before stomping it.    She went to the floor, where Peter Avalon checked on her.  They showed Brandi Rhodes backstage watching the match as she’ll be facing Allie at Fight for the Fallen.  Allie nailed a Side Russian Legsweep and a crucifix for a two count.  She went to rebound off the ropes but Avalon grabbed her leg.  That distraction allowed Bates to nail her with a dropkick.

They battled back and forth with Bates gaining control.  Bates took her to mat and tied her up on the mat.  Allie made a comeback and nailed a series of chops in the corner.  Bates came back with a dropkick that sent Allie down in the corner.  She drove into her with a pair of knees but Allie kicked up at last second.  Allie ducked a clothesline and nailed a hangwoman’s neckbreaker.  I could have SWORN I heard a “Reading Rainbow” chant, which if I did, that’s insanely clever.  Allie nailed a big forearm strike to close out a series of offensive manuevers for a two count.

Bates escaped a Firewoman’s carry and nailed a lungblower.  She nailed a faceplant and scored several two counts.  Avalon tried to interfere, tossing a book to Bates but Allie intercepted it.  Bates argued with Avalon but was nailed with Allie’s finisher the BSE and pinned.

Your winner, Allie!

They aired a great video feature on Cody vs, Darby Allin

Cody (with Brandi Rhodes) vs. Darby Allin

They  locked up and Allin controlled Cody’s arm early.   Cody finally gained control with a big side headlock takeover and maintained control.  They had some nice back and forth wrestling.  Allin offered a handshake and shocked Cody with a La Magistral for a two count.  Cody had enough at that point and drilled him with a big uppercut. 

Cody nailed a hard whip into the corner that sent Allin flying to the floor.  Jim Ross quipped, “Darby Allin’s body broke his fall.”  Allin returned to the ring where Cody worked over his shoulder and drilled him hard with a suplex for a two count.  Cody controlled Allin, who kept kicking up, showing his versatility and ability to withstand punishment.  Cody nailed a lariat that sent Allin inside out.  Cody worked him over for a long time, to the point I half expect Allin to score a surprise win here.

Cody went for a delayed vertical suplex, but Darby broke free, going after the hand and fingers Cody hurt earlier.  He hit a twisting splash off the ropes.   Allin locked in an armbar until Cody made it to the ropes, forcing a break.  Darby followed up with some big offense including a Code Red for a near fall.  Allin went to the top rope as they announced five minutes were left.  Cody cut him off and nailed an inverted superplex off the top.  That elicited a big “AEW” chant.    I am guessing a draw.

Allin regained control and had Rhodes on the apron.  He went for the Coffin Drop backwards off the top but Cody moved out of the way and Allin took an EVIL insane bump on the corner of the apron.  Rhodes nailed Allin and placed him inside the body bag that Allin carried to the ring.  Cody stood him up an d kicked him down, then took him out of the bag.  Allin still kicked up and regained his footing before going back down.  The crowd chanted for Darby.  Cody covered Allin, who kicked up at one.  Cody began lashing him with his belt.  He went for CrossRhodes but Allin nailed a stunner.   Rhodes nailed another CrossRhodes but the bell rang as Cody had him down for a two count before the referee could count the third fall.

Time limit draw.

As a match designed to show Allin as someone who won’t back down despite extreme punishment, it was a very good effort.  

They teased they may do five more minutes but Shawn Spears hit the ring and hit Cody in the head with a big chairshot to the head.  Cody didn’t put his hands up, so expect a lot of criticism for that one.  Cody was bleeding from the back of the head.  Brandi got in the ring and Spears acted like he was going to go after her but the referee got in between them.  MJF, who has been linked to Cody in storylines, hit the ring with a chair.  Scorpio Sky and Kazarian came out to the ring as well.  Lots of blood from the back of Cody’s head.  They had ice pressed on the back of Cody’s head as he left the ring and was walked out by Dean Malenko, MJF and Brandi.

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 Date: June 30th 2019
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